This homeless man got a free haircut and here is how he looks after…

Homeless man Jose Antonio leads a difficult existence. He is known to the people of the city, and they try to help him.

Not an exception were the owners of a local beauty salon.

In honor of their business partnership hitting a three-year milestone, they gave Seor Antonio a free picture update.

As he took the deal, the tramp got more than he bargained for.

55-year-old Spain is Jose’s country of birth. He used to be an electrician, but due to his poor mental health, he lost his work and slipped into melancholy 25 years ago, putting him on the streets without a means of support.

He lived outside for approximately twenty-five years.

Naturally, he periodically managed to secure short-term part-time work and a place to live, but when the money ran out, he returned to his previous lifestyle as a vagabond.

Jose Antonio looked like this before he was reincarnated.

His tragic circumstances were brought to the attention of the proprietors of the nearby beauty salon, who made him an offer of aid.

They supplied their services without charging because it was obvious that the person was unable to pay.

The change was documented on film. Jose’s hair had grown out, so the stylist skillfully added more volume and contrast to it.

The gray hair was then painted over, and his beard was polished. His closet had been improved.

Jose is getting a brand-new portrait from the master.

Jose was astonished by what he saw when he viewed the results of his labor.

In the mirror, a guy who had recently shaved and energized himself was watching him.

The homeless man sobbed because what he saw completely threw him off his feet, but he soon got himself together and even began to take joy in his new appearance.

Jose after his transformation. Jose hasn’t changed his appearance since, but after finding a dependable job and a place to live, he significantly improved his lifestyle.

Jose is content with his new circumstances. Apparently, Seor Antonio’s physical makeover allowed him the self-assurance to make a fresh start in life, get over his melancholy, and believe in himself.

Such a development underlines once more how important moral integrity is, which can occasionally be strengthened by a straightforward service.

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