The first point in a while, Beyoncé showed grown twins, who resembled their father…

Beyoncé dove headfirst into parenthood after giving birth to twins in 2017 and essentially vanished from the public eye.

The musician, however, announced her long-awaited comeback to the stage after releasing Renaissance, her first album in 6 years, this summer.

The mother of numerous kids had to start actively using social media in order to promote the record.

The 41-year-old singer has, of course, frequently drawn viewers’ attention online while posing in expensive outfits. But, images of the singer’s adult children quickly became viral.

Beyoncé poses with Jay-Z, three kids who are dressed as members of The Proud Family, and other people in the picture.

According to the frame, the diva tried on the clothes of the mother and grandma of the Proud family while playing multiple parts at once.

Blue Ivy, 10, was costumed like Penny, the lead heroine in the Disney film. Moreover, Rumi and Sir, both five years old, wore identical outfits to her younger sibling and sister in the cartoon.

According to Queen B supporters, the twins grew up to be replicas of their 52-year-old father.

“There is no language. Internet users left comments on the photo, including, “Very cute!”, “Sir is just unrecognizable from Jay-Z,” “It’s astonishing how strong your husband’s genes are,” and “The best family in Hollywood.”

It is significant that the singer has started bringing her oldest kid along to social engagements.

For instance, Blue Ivy went to the Los Angeles Wearable Art Gala charity concert.

The teenager shocked onlookers since she was on the verge of purchasing a pricey pair of Lorraine Schwartz diamond earrings. A different customer outbid her $85,000.

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