Pregnant Rihanna sat on the cover of Vogue with her partner and 9-month-old kid, and the outcome is beautiful…

The world is buzzing over Rihanna’s latest live performance and the news of her second pregnancy.

For a photo session with British Vogue, the famous family wore all-black attire and strolled down the Malibu beach. It was around this time that the general public first saw the couple’s nine-month-old boy.

As a dedicated mother, Rihanna made it quite clear during the photo shoot that she wanted to decide when and how her kids should be made public.

Even if she is eager to put herself out there, she said that her son is still too young to decide for himself.

Rihanna is ecstatic about being a mother and amazed at how their family of three has expanded.

She recalls that the couple had only a cold turkey with them when they first brought their newborn home but that the three of them were more than prepared to begin their journey as a newly formed family.

Rihanna had a big smile on her face when the reporter inquired if she would desire more kids.

She didn’t directly respond because she preferred to keep the information to herself, but she look made it clear enough that she was excited at the prospect of expanding her family.

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