Bellucci at 58 appears on the cover of Vogue magazine wearing stockings and a coat…

Monica Bellucci has, without a shadow of a doubt, outlived her years at this point in her life.

The Italian film queen, who is 58 years old and looks very stunning in the new images.

It’s hard for me to realize that Monica will turn sixty in fewer than two years. The diva’s new photographs were highly popular among those who viewed them online. “How absolutely stunning,” “You’re perfect. This is what the definition of beauty is.”

“There hasn’t been a more beautiful woman than you,” he said. “At this point, every man in the room is bowing down to you,”

“And what exactly was Vincent pondering while he couldn’t be with you?”

Online users have been leaving the word “Perfection” in the comments section below the new footage of Bellucci.

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