For 45 minutes uninterrupted, a dad put his hand under his daughter’s head to ensure that…

The number one most desired means of transportation in recent years is flying. But contrary to popular belief, they are not necessarily as opulent or comfortable.

Although flights are a very handy mode of transportation, many passengers find that sitting for extended periods of time is uncomfortable. Another issue arises while traveling with kids since in addition to taking care of yourself, you also need to worry about the behavior and general wellbeing of the little ones.

There has been much discussion on how children should behave on flights, the rules for traveling with newborns, and how airlines could start implementing flights for adults only. “This man kept his hand in this position so his daughter might sleep soundly for forty-five minutes,” he wrote.

Spanish for “Make me grin,” “MadeMeSmile” is the name of the category where the post was shared on Reddit.

This section of the essay talks about pleasant, cozy situations or moments that make you feel good on the inside. Diverse opinions were expressed by forum participants.

Others noted that this was an example of “parenting done right,” noting that the girl “may not understand it now, but she will always remember the comfort of her father’s hand.”

Several people weren’t happy with the father’s attitude, despite the fact that most of the comments were kind, admiring, or sympathetic toward the situation.

While characterizing the move as unnecessary, several of these individuals ironically said that there was a “better way” or that the parent may have found a better alternative.

The father would be giving her the incorrect “comfort lessons” and stopping her from being her own unique self in this way.

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