This 68-year-old woman had become a model, demonstrating that beauty is beyond age…

A progressive view of aging does not separate the world of models. But over time, the fashion industry has started to hire models who are of legal drinking age.

One such person is Setsuko Saito from So Paulo, sometimes called Rosa Saito. She was given the chance to become a model at the age of 68. After a year of convincing from two modeling agencies and one photographer, Saito finally decided to give it a shot. She hasn’t turned around, and now, many years later, she is a successful model. She’s 71 years old now.

Saito spent a lot of time caring for people before modeling. She began caring for her mother when she was 22 years old, and after her husband passed in 2000, she was left with their three children.

She had “devoted herself to someone else” for such a long time, which was part of what inspired her to try modeling. She didn’t want to have regrets in her life. Saito reasoned, “If I don’t try, I’ll never know.

With her long, silver hair, and graceful gestures, Saito appears natural. She is a flexible model that can be used for fashion, editorial, and even marketing picture sessions. Saito has taken part in fashion weeks in So Paulo and is no stranger to the catwalk. She takes on new initiatives since she has an adventurous attitude that is independent of her age.

I feel like I’m learning more and less as time goes on. Time does indeed pass, but, my God in heaven, what is time? If I had to assign an age to my soul, I would say it is 22 years old.

Saito is a multifaceted model that can be used for editorial, commercial, and even high fashion picture assignments.

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