Twenty households turned down the young Down syndrome girl… Then…

The young girl Alba was destined from birth to face tough trials.

The new mother knew she didn’t need a child like that as soon as she saw her little newborn.

She was an orphan and also had mental disabilities.

Eventually, she had at least twenty possible parents, but none of them ultimately chose to base their parenting on something “unique.”

Alba nevertheless got an unusual family two years ago.

The 40-year-old Luca Trapanese is unmarried and has no kids.

It takes a lot of work for single-parent households to adopt children in Italy.

But, social services acted on Luca’s request, and he was able to bring the 13-day-old girl home.

He may have benefited from his extensive background working in a special needs facility.

Through this employment, he learned patience, understanding, and the capacity to interact with ailing individuals.

To earn the privilege of being Alba’s father, he had to go through a number of trials and interviews.

The girl has been growing up in a joyful household setting for the past two years.

Although Luca is raising him alone, he is hoping to find a partner who would want to share the joy of parenthood with him.

He loves his happy daughter’s company in the evening as she plays and dances, and they both feel content.

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