Khloé Kardashian unveiled the face of their surrogate mother-born boy, who was born to her and Tristan Thompson…

It goes without saying that Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson don’t exactly have the best of relationships.

They first began dating in 2016. The reality television star was certain she had finally met her ideal partner.

She envisioned starting a family and having kids. The athlete appeared to have similar goals. Yet as soon as Chloe became pregnant, online accusations about Tristan’s betrayals started to circulate.

These soon stopped to be only conjecture because Thompson’s adultery was proven.

At that time, Kardashian made the decision to overlook the treachery. She was confident that the athlete would advance and turn into an ideal husband and father for her and her daughter True.

This, however, did not take place. Press accounts of girls who were in relationships with Thompson kept popping up. And even one of them became pregnant after him.

Shortly before the surrogate mother gave birth to their kid, Chloe made the decision to end her relationship with Tristan.

Nonetheless, it was also evident that the couple’s relationship was still very good. Therefore, Kardashian recently congratulated Thompson by sharing a picture of their kids on social media.

By the way, this is also the first time we’ve seen their youngest child’s face. Chloe previously used emoticons to cover the baby in all of the photos.

Online people praised Kardashian for her fortitude and remarked that they could barely act in this way with someone who had violated their trust so many times.

The reality star, though, is adamant that Thompson is a good man and a fantastic father. Internet users concur with this view, by the way.

They have observed Tristan’s kindness and willingness to assist each of his children on numerous occasions.

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