A Twitter user made her parents the subject of admiration when she posted a picture of them on vacation. Observers agree that the couple appears exceptionally youthful, and they are particularly taken aback by the man.

The girl was required to divulge the reasons behind her parents’ youthful appearance.

Houston, Texas is the home of the girl and her parents who go by the Twitter handle mitsukuni. According to her Instagram, the social media user is 23 years old.

On November 21, an American published a photo of her parents that had gained popularity on Twitter. Her post garnered 1.4 million likes in a matter of days, surpassing a man’s account of his brother’s huge culinary disaster.

Mitsukuni stated in the comments that the photograph was taken while her parents were in Colorado’s Garden of the Gods park.

Yet, the majority of those on the platform were more focused on the presence of a man and a lady than on the magnificent scenery (based on the age of their daughter, they can be 40 years old or more). After all, it wasn’t simple for someone to realize that the girl in the picture doesn’t actually have any little relatives.

What about your parents? Oh, no, ka-ah-ah-ak? Is it wrong that I’m in love with them?

They appear to be in their 30s, but you must be 10 years old. And the gray beard is unquestionably colored for a chic appearance.

Members on the platform agreed that the married couple appeared to be very lovely and young. Similar to the tiktoker, who scares away her son’s daughters due to her appearance.

Why do they have such nice skin and look so young despite the man’s gray beard? This picture is really lovely.

I’m 22 and you parents seem younger than me.

He has a face that suggests he is 20 years old, and his ponytail makes the beard look phony. How does he do it?

This bro has skin that appears to be eating clouds.

Your dad has a dark-skinned Zeus-like appearance.

It is hardly surprise that Twitter users were curious about the girl’s parents’ youthful secrets.

Omg! They are just amazing! Their skin tone is so radiant and young-looking. Wow! Do they follow a specific diet, may I ask? I mean, may God bless them. lovingly and respectfully!

We must learn how they look after their skin.

Mom and dad are vegans, Mitsukuni confessed. Also, the girl provided a list of the various skin care companies she and the couple personally use (cleansing cream-gel, toner, hyaluronic acid, and so on).

The American also mentioned that she and her parents both had combination skin, so not everyone may be a good candidate for these products.

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