Not everyone was impressed with how Hollywood star Roberts appeared in a bodysuit: “Nothing remained of Beautiful Woman!”

This is the evolution of the iconic “Pretty Woman” star over time.

Although the legendary actress still appears charming and pretty attractive in her 50s, many people find it difficult to believe that she is already a famous movie star. Recent images of the talented actress in a bodysuit have been circulated.

The network users’ perspectives are once more divided. Many people are of the opinion that she still looks fantastic and considerably younger.

The majority, however, believes that she could have looked much better and that the former attractiveness has completely disappeared.

The celebrity was photographed by paparazzi while on vacation in this manner. The legendary movie star’s bikini form made it impossible for anyone to ignore her.

Stop berating her! Nobody gets any younger as they age, and very few people in their 50s look as wonderful. What were you anticipating from her?

Please join us in the comment area. Do you still find her to be attractive?

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