Nobody anticipated this: Nicole Scherzinger’s dramatic transition into a blondie caused a controversy…

Everyone was speechless when Scherzinger returned with the silver blonde hair color.

N. Scherzinger, a singer and songwriter, has made a sensation with her brand-new look, returning to her platinum blonde hair color. The well-known musician updated her social media followers on the effects of her makeover.

No one could ignore her stunning dress with its dramatic cuts and massive shoulder pads. Many people were impressed by the singer’s stunning appearance and claimed that her blond hair clearly suits her better.

Although others hurried to compare her makeover into a blonde to Kim Kardashian’s because they both went back to this hair color almost simultaneously.

The others, on the other hand, were certain that it was nothing more than a wig.

Do you believe she simply wore a wig to present a more realistic image or that it is genuinely real?

Some claimed she was barely recognisable and that little of her original appearance was retained.

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