“In search of perpetual youth”: Courteney Cox, an actress from the show “Friends,” astounded everybody with her beauty…

When you see Monica from “Friends” today, you’ll all be startled.

Recently, J. Aniston, C. Cox, and J. Kimmel’s characters from the popular comedy series, Horses, turned their diners into stars.

It should be noted that the presence of Monica from “Friends” quickly sparked a lot of debate.

The excellent actress once made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live where she discussed her experience working on the film “Scream 6” as well as some personal information.

Few were aware that her father was trying to talk her out of continuing to work on the movie.

We assume that her prominent cheekbones and flowing skin, which is free of any faults and age-related changes, are all the desirable outcomes of plastic surgery.

Reliable sources claim that she had a forehead lift, a midface and lower facial lift, a blepharoplasty, and maybe lipofilling.

She eventually admitted that she will continue with her rejuvenation treatments.

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