Pregnant At Beyonce’s party, Rihanna stunned everyone with a hot attire, drawing all eyes to the soon-to-be mother…

Rihanna emerged as one of the most talked-about superstars on the Oscars red carpet in 2023, which was this time the color of champagne.

It’s no secret that finding pregnancy-friendly attire for such occasions can be challenging.

Yet the singer consistently does a fantastic job at selecting the ideal costume. And the admiring admirers simply follow along and never stop praising the celebrity.

By the way, RiRi changed her attire three times at the previous event. The actress posed for pictures in a garment with leather and translucent accents before performing in a sparkly suit.

She immediately changed into a bright green top and skirt after the star departed the stage. Online users preferred the first two outfits far more than this combination.

The fourth outfit, though, truly caught us off guard.

The problem is that Rihanna and her partner skipped the Vanity Fair after-party and went straight to the customary celebration that was held by Beyoncé and Jay-Z following the solemn ceremony.

Late in the evening, the pair showed up. And for some reason, we are certain that the future mother was the center of attention at this gathering.

The celebrity selected an eye-catching outfit for the after-party that had the same skirt and an ultra-short blouse. A pink coat and necklace finished off the look. We are in awe of Rihanna’s bravery.

Remember how the celebrity, even during her first pregnancy, would frequently astound her fans with seductive photos and remarks on how attractive pregnant women can and should look?

RiRi claims that she wants to dispel the myth that expectant women must wear only loose clothing.

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