The model turned to editing in vain and received criticism for using the “worst photoshop in history” on Naomi Campbell…

Nobody is surprised anymore that celebrities actively use Photoshop and other photo-editing software; only a select handful of them provide “honest” photographs on their blogs without the use of filters.

Yet, while some social media experts are very skilled at manipulating their photos, others frequently come under fire for “inept” editing.

And Naomi Campbell, 52, recently joined the latter group. The famous person made the decision to post a number of photos shot at the Vanity Fair party on her blog.

Fans started contrasting the close-up image with the original because it appeared so out of place. Most shockingly, the altered image was in every way inferior than the “honest” image.

Naomi’s face appeared unbelievable in the social media photo despite the fact that she had no wrinkles. The image was immediately branded “the worst photoshop in history” by shocked online users.

Naomi and Madonna have one retoucher for two? It’s amazing that she looks better in this picture than in this one that has been altered.

Why was the editing so poor? She looks great, and I’m sincerely trying to understand why this picture had to be heavily edited.

Naomi looks stunning at 52. Yet, it appears that she feels that this is insufficient for her, as expressed by her fans in the image’s comments.

By the way, Naomi is actively working to maintain her excellent health. She dislikes diets, but every so often she arranges for her body to undergo a cleanse.

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