The marriage of a 29-year-old woman and an 80-year-old grandfather became viral online…

Several people were astonished when this girl had a bad childhood because of an 80-year-old father. Nobody knew the reasons behind her choices.

Read their love story now and then let us know what you think of them as a couple.

Terzel, the girl, met her future husband at an event in 2016, and their relationship ended in this way…

Terzel was a journalist at the time, and she immediately drew the grandfather’s interest. He hurried to chat with the girl when he saw that she was by herself. Since then, they have remained close.

Wilson, the elderly man, had been married before his wife passed away in 2002, but he remained devoted to her for 15 years. Yet Terzel’s entrance dramatically changed his life.

The girl’s mother backed her daughter all the way through and wasn’t against her decision. Despite the fact that their stepmother is younger than them, Wilson’s children support their father’s choice.

They swiftly planned their wedding, and it went viral online. People were very critical of the couple, saying that she just did it for the money.

Terzel and Wilson have a peaceful life together and are devoted to one another.

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