These subterranean houses are home to 30 million Chinese. They have a very unique interior design…

China’s center contains a number of fosses. These homes are referred to as Yaodong.

Troglodyte houses are passed down through the generations. Most of them were constructed close to Sanmencia.

The usual inside temperature ranges from 10 degrees in the winter to 20 degrees in the summer.

Throughout the Ming and Qing eras, they increased in popularity in China. This implies that the custom has been around for at least 4,000 years.

The Yaodong offers excellent acoustic seclusion. They used to be dispersed throughout huge fields to minimize the family’s time spent traveling.

The majority of homes have been modernized recently. Power and plumbing are both inside.

Chinese authorities declared the troglodyte homes a cultural asset. However, 30 million of them have no plans to buy anything at all.

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