Six actors who were at odds with one another while a movie was being filmed…

1972-1973. In the early stages of their cinematic careers, Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere were willing to do everything to gain a moment of notoriety. Richard Gere was immediately despised by Stallone when he first saw him on the set of The Lords of Flatbush, at least Stallone was confident of it.

Despite the fact that Gere had done nothing wrong, Sly found it sufficient that the actor “strutted around in his huge motorcycle jacket, as if he were the coolest knight of the round table.” However, Stallone was unaware at the time that he would later have a more compelling reason to criticize Gere.

The players took a break between takes in the car, when Richard chose to have a fatty chicken sandwich with mustard. Richard Gere made his biggest mistake on this shoot when he made a bite that sent a large piece of mustard flying straight into Sly’s pants.

Stallone had already warned Gere that it would drip, but Richard tried to placate his colleague before making the mistake. The filmmaker was given an ultimatum by Stallone, who then punched Gere and forced him out of the vehicle.

In agreement with Stallone, the director let Richard go. Stallone had to wait two more years for his climb until the release of “Rocky” because although the movie fared well at the box office, reviewers and the audience did not enjoy it.

Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel had to share the lead role in “The Fast and the Furious,” but that wasn’t a problem because Vin and Paul were close friends. Dwayne Johnson subsequently entered the scene, and thanks to his magnetism, he was able to place himself between Walker and Diesel.

Even back then, Johnson did not like Dwayne, but He could only obliquely hint at it and never express his hate in public. In this instance, a heated argument between them existed on set and peaked during the sixth half of filming.

Because actors just did not want to be photographed together, the majority of their joint moments are simply montage sequences that were first taken with one actor, then the other, and then blended into one frame. Naturally, it couldn’t always be done that way, so Vin and Dwayne had to communicate occasionally.

They are no longer seen in the same frame at all in the seventh movie. The final sequence is the exception, but even from it it is impossible to tell whether Diesel and Johnson were there on set together or whether they were filming separately once more.

What made Diesel especially irate was that the premiere of “Hobbs and Shaw” pushed back the premiere of the ninth “The Fast and the Furious,” in which, interestingly enough, Dwayne did not appear because he simply did not want to get involved in another conflict any longer.

Vin also didn’t like that Johnson starred in a spin-off of “Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw.” But, soon after, Vin Diesel urged Dwayne to return to them so they could work together to film the tenth “The Fast and the Furious” movie in front of the full public.

It was allegedly because the ninth installment made $500,000,000 less than the eighth. But, Dwayne Johnson declined. The studio needed to come up with solutions, so they invited Jason Momoa, Brie Larson, and Daniela Melchior.

Kevin Smith and Bruce Willis

On the set of “Die Hard 4,” Kevin Smith and Bruce Willis got to know one another. Smith had a little part in the movie, but it was plenty for him to observe Bruce Willis’ skill at portraying his persona. Although they didn’t fight, Willis’ domineering demeanor seemed to produce a little tension in the room.

Yet, Kevin Smith still called Bruce Willis to play the lead in the film Cop Out despite this. Bruce publicly declared his disinterest in appearing in the Smith movie before attacking the director, first verbally and then physically.

A significant altercation nearly broke out between them at one time, but Kevin and Bruce were soon separated because everyone understood that Smith had no opportunity to even adequately defend themselves.

Even when the filming was through, the situation did not improve. Willis refused to promote the movie and go to gatherings where the director and other stars were required to give their movie as much credit as possible.

Smith was unable to endure one of these occasions and publicly criticized Willis. Only 12 years later did Bruce Willis’ family issue an apology, revealing that he had long struggled with aphasia and had given up acting as a result.

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