Discussions centered on Lopez’s explicit photo session for her next collection, which was captioned, “She has no equals!”

Fans were stunned by Lopez, who appeared in a daring bodysuit and dazzling sandals from her line.

The enduring star of “My Pirate Wedding” participated in a successful ad campaign for the new line of shoes in her brand with Revolve.

The celebrity and Kendall Jenner have been putting in a lot of effort on this endeavor for a while.

The 53-year-old star’s initial stunning appearance in a total-back gown and silver high-platform sandals embellished with glittering stones sparked intense debates.

Nobody could remain indifferent once she appeared in a bodysuit with high cutouts for a subsequent photo.

She appeared more seductive because of her sheer skirt. She also received a lot of attention for her flawlessly straightened hair.

She acknowledged her unending love for those shoes after publishing the pictures and didn’t pass up the occasion to advertise her next album, “This is me now.”

Lopez frequently exhibits her completely natural look without any makeup and even just after having a shower, despite the fact that many people raced to accuse her of Photoshopping her images.

She also promoted JLO Glow, her own skincare line.

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