Angelina Jolie spent all of her savings on attorneys and is now searching for alternative sources of income…

The wealthiest segment of the Hollywood elite includes Angelina Jolie. Yet, the never-ending legal struggle she is engaged in with her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, can have an adverse effect on even the most stable of states.

After all, her divorce has been dragged out for nearly six years and is still far from being finalized. And throughout this time, the actress has been required to pay enormous legal bills.

Furthermore, the actress claims that a sizeable portion of her income turned proven to be “linked.” Her money was used to purchase Château Miraval, a piece of property that she had shared with Pitt and the subject of ongoing litigation between them.

An insider claims that as a result, Jolie began to have financial issues. She is currently exploring for alternative means of income besides acting. The Daily Mail reported this.

As it turned out, the actress submitted a request for the formation of a new trademark to the registration office. She plans to create jewelry, apparel, and even home goods like bedspreads and bed linen under her brand.

Angelina’s status is not favorable at this time, though. According to reports, she was not allowed to register the company, which she planned to call Atelier Jolie.

As it turned out, another person—the New York artist Omania Jolie Abdou—already owned the brand with the same name. Hence, Angelina will now need to alter her plans.

Keep in mind that Jolie has already tried to launch her own jewelry business. She announced the launch of her own jewelry business more than ten years ago.

Yet back then, she did not succeed with the plan. However it seems like Angelina was unaffected by this. She wants to attempt a fresh start.

Be aware that Brad Pitt, who has throughout the years spent a sizable sum on attorneys, was reportedly open to finding a new source of income for his legal fees.

This, it would appear, explains his recent decision to sell the Los Feliz home he shared with Jolie and their children before to their divorce.

Despite the star’s outrageous price demand, the buyer was also located very swiftly. And Pitt has just added up to $40 million to his bank accounts.

He now has sufficient funds to cover future legal costs for a very long time.

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