They were expecting a child but they were thrilled for two different reasons after the delivery!

One of the heaviest boys was born in 2018. At birth, he weighed 7.09 kg.

This incredible hero went by the name of Niko. He is the only boy and the eighth kid overall in the family.

The baby’s father didn’t even immediately embrace the news when the parents learned it would be a male after the kid was delivered.

The happy mother observes that their previous girl was also a big baby.

When she was born, she weighed 6.5 kilograms. But Niko broke all the records.

The young child stunned many people, the proud father concedes.

However, the family isn’t in the mood for holiday feasts right now. The biggest issue is how to feed a large family.

Although he has a background in veterinary medicine, there is no reliable employment in his community.

Alex adds, “I need to increase my income so I can stop depending on government assistance.”

The Dyadko family has a quiet, inconspicuous life, thus there isn’t much online about the adult Niko.

When the child was born, journalists visited the house, but currently there aren’t many pictures of it online.

Despite the difficulties and the old house, which is already 100 years old, the family believes that they are the happiest and friendliest, and this is the most important thing for them.

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