VIDEO: Side-Splitting Prank Pulled by Best Friends at Cracker Barrel Leaves Viewers in Stitches

Two close friends played a hilarious trick at their local Cracker Barrel store in Georgia.

The funny incident took place during a quiet lunch hour.

Ashley Zessin Shelley and Darcy Gashweiller patiently waited for the perfect moment to sneakily hang a new decoration on the store’s mantelpiece when no employees were around.

Once they finished their meal, the best pals posed for a picture in front of their creation and then drove home.

The amusing “decoration” they put up is a framed black and white photo of Ashley and Darcey wearing overalls, while Darcy holds a chicken on her arm, all in an outdoor setting.

You can watch the prank being carried out in the video below.

“One of the funniest things I’ve ever seen,” commented one person.

“This is the type of prank I can support! It’s adorable, harmless, and nobody gets hurt,” wrote another.

Two days later, Ashley and Darcy returned to their local Cracker Barrel to check if their photo was still hanging.

Even the official Cracker Barrel account on TikTok commented on their video.

“I’ll never tell,” they wrote.

@gash.79 #shitshow #bestfriends #sisters ♬ original sound – notltbrooks03

@gash.79 Part 2 – Hey @Cracker Barrel can @MrsChop18 and I get the employee discount?🫣🤣🤣🤣 #thisis40 #bestfriend #stillthere #crackerbarrel #donttakeitdown ♬ Cheerful Whistle – AShamaluevMusic

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