His heart started to beat again three years after the mom thought her kid passed away…

She lost her son in 2013. Three years later, she was approached by a girl, and the unbelievable occurred. The death of a child is the ultimate test for a parent. Unfortunately, Heather Clark was destined for exactly that fate.

Lucas was a healthy and happy baby when he was seven months old, but a horrific accident took his life. He passed away while in the nanny’s care. Heather wished that no one else had to go through the agony of losing a child. The distraught mother was able to make a crucial choice in spite of her pain.

The woman gave her permission for the medicinal use of her crumbs’ organs. Three persons in need were saved after her son donated his organs. Jordan Gonzalez, a 4-year-old, was saved by Heather’s deed. The infant had congenital cardiac abnormalities, so she spent her entire childhood in hospitals. The girl’s only chance was an organ donation from a donor.

Her life was spared by Lucas’ heart, and she spent several years in the hospital. Jordan thus found solace from the Clark family’s suffering. Three years after the boy’s passing, his mother finally heard his heartbeat once more.

It was an extremely heartfelt encounter. Using a stethoscope, Heather was able to hear her son’s heartbeat once more.

Heather was given a teddy bear by Jordan. Sounds play if you press on his belly. The noises of Jordan’s heartbeat are echoed by this bear. Nothing will be able to ease a grieving mother’s sorrow. We sincerely hope that Heather’s suffering may be somewhat lessened by the 3 lives saved.

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