Senior guy practices piano, and boogie-woogie maestro pays him a surprise visit…

Music, according to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, is the universal tongue of people. That has never been more obvious than in this film featuring Brendan Kavanagh, commonly known as “Dr. K,” and an unidentified older man.

At a train station, the elderly man is the only one playing the piano. Although he gets some attention from passersby, he has enough substance to do more than play the instrument.

Brendan Kavanagh appears out of nowhere and starts hanging around the man. The other man and Brendan, also known as “Dr. K,” start playing some boogie-woogie piano together.

Brendan continues to stand close to the seated man and bangs on the console. Finally, Brendan settles to one side and adds the tunes’ bassline. They engaged in joint play for more than five minutes.

An increasing number of people pause to listen to the chaotic, obnoxious piano two-part harmony in a station. The event is being filmed using cellphones, and there are currently a lot of different angles available.

Without uttering a word, two strangers who meet at a lonely piano begin playing music in a way that sounds magical. In between songs, Brendan asks if he knows any obscene songs, and then they jam.

This isn’t the first time Brendan has done something similar. He is everywhere on the internet, jumping in while people are playing the piano in train stations and malls. He joins forces with anybody he can find to make music and have fun.

Brendan holds a Ph. D. in English, which is why he goes by the name “Dr. K.” He is an Irish-born British piano teacher. He enjoys teaching and playing the “boogie-woogie” piano style. In this video, Brendan can be seen improvising tunes and guitar riffs with another man.

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