A courageous 4-year-old ice skater falls but gets back up during her performance… VIDEO attached!

Despite being only four years old, Milena seemed to have the tough stuff down. She skates over the rink with a lot of control and patience.

The youthful Milena is seen getting pumped up for her set in the backdrop. She was anticipating hearing her name called with a smile of eagerness on her face. When Milena’s theme began to play, all she could see was ice.

Many people aren’t familiar with the Masha and the Bear television program or its theme song. It is a well-liked children’s animated program in Russia.

Milena chose the music from the Holiday on Ice episode for the occasion. The cheery tones maintain the same tone as hundreds of other kid shows even if you can’t comprehend the lyrics. annoyingly upbeat, enjoyable, and obviously wacky.

Hearing children’s music all day long wears on parents. Masha and the Bear, however, are music to their ears when their daughter has the chance to showcase her skill.

Milena still has a lot of room to develop as a skater even at the young age of 4. It could develop into a hobby or even something a little more. She has a lot to gain and plenty of time to make a choice. Given her current visibility, it’s not unreasonable to believe Disney will call her.

Here is the video:

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