Simon though she could not dance but she proved him and the judges wrong…

Few things are more remarkable than when someone absolutely goes against all odds, especially when they make an effort to leave us dumbfounded despite the fact that it feels like the deck is stacked against them.

Everyone can truly benefit from seeing something like this. Because of this, we are honored to be able to offer this Emma Haslam video.

She is unlike any other “pole dancer” you have ever seen because she is tall, but she is able to demonstrate that pole dancing has absolutely nothing to do with physical size!

Judge Simon Cowell gave Haslam scathing comments as soon as she took the stage at the talent show because he didn’t like the attire she was wearing.

The judges tell her to start her audition even though they don’t believe she has what it takes to move on to the next stage of British Got Talent. The judges are thrilled when everyone applauds during the performance. before his size, despite his talent for dancing.

Watch the video below!

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