Instead of one child, identical triplets were born… Here is how they look after 20 years…

Every woman’s pregnancy is a special period in her life. It is simultaneously thrilling and happy. Women experience a lot of worry and stress during this time because they are anxious about their health.

But when the eagerly anticipated child is born, this passes. Mothers occasionally receive additional “surprises,” like an Iranian woman.

She was certain that only one kid would be born throughout the entire time she waited for the child. But the tripled expectations were justified. Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz were the three daughters of the mother. Triplets are utterly identical. Girls are exact replicas of one another both as children and as adults.

Twenty years ago, this happy occasion took place in a modest Iranian household. The parents were delighted to have three daughters. Their lives were not made more miserable by poverty. In contrast to many Iranian parents, mom and dad gave their daughters the finest possible upbringing and invested in their education.

The sisters’ prospects in their native Iran were slim, though, notwithstanding this. Women who work, and much more so those who exhibit themselves in some way, are not welcomed in society.

The sisters made the decision to go to London once they realized it as adults. For travel and lodging, the dad gave his daughters his savings. He encouraged them in everything and wanted them to be successful. This aided the sisters’ departure from Iran. They never made it back to their homeland.

Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz have been residing in London for a while. They grow and come to see themselves as role models. The girls started working with numerous major brands and were able to quickly find some little success.

As a result, they receive a respectable income that allows them to live comfortably abroad. However, great success is still up ahead. The sisters have yet to become household names, but they are optimistic about their great future.

On social media, girls regularly post photos dressed stylishly to a shared page. Girls have a sophisticated sense of fashion. To avoid standing out too much from one another, they make an effort to choose matching accessories and similar items.

Elnaz, Golnaz, and Tanaz are pleased with how their lives are progressing and appreciative of their parents’ support in their decision.

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