For the very first time in Vogue’s history, a happy baby is featured on the cover…

Vogue magazine has long held the distinction of being the most stylish publication. Famous models and celebrities adorned the cover, but this year Vogue’s readers were pleasantly surprised.

On its home page, a picture of 3-year-old Mika, the son of Dutch model Amanda Booth, who is described as “sunny,” was posted. The magazine interviewed the mom of a “sunny” infant. The model accurately depicted living with a special youngster.

“Everyone is accustomed to thinking that having a child with Down syndrome is tragic for the entire family. Everyone around you is mistaken. No worse than perfectly healthy kids, our Mika is fine. He never fails to make me smile, and when I’m with him, I truly feel like a joyful mother.

We live in a similar manner to other families. We frequently walk about the city, go on hikes and picnics, visit cafes, and travel a lot. added a model.

“I learned that Vogue had never previously been captured in a shot with a little child. When my husband and I opened the latest issue of Vogue, we were overjoyed. For our small family, it was an unexpected and welcome surprise, Amanda stated following the publication of the most recent issue.

The prestigious magazine has, in fact, provided other journals with a good model. The “cover person” could be a cute model or a little child with special needs. Kudos, Vogue!

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