The pope created history on his birthday by extending a handshake to a homeless guy…

Pope Francis recognized three generous people on his special day.

He gave birthday greetings to the three people who had shown him the most generosity over the years: a priest, a businessman, and a homeless man.

The majority of people are curious about the prize for individuals without adequate housing.

Can complied with Mother Teresa’s request to aid the poor by donating whatever money he made to those who were also homeless.

The medal has also been given to numerous other deserving people who have contributed to providing access to clean water and educational opportunities to disadvantaged communities in developing nations.

Each honoree received a miniature globe from the Pope that was housed in a frame with a picture of a saint holding a child’s hand.

At a different function, a group of seminary students made a cake and presented it to Pope Francis. There were no other notable events that the Pope was expected to attend.

He came into the world on December 17th, 1936. It will be ten years in 2023 since he was chosen to serve as the supreme leader of all Catholic Christians.

Do you believe that this is the epitome of an experience that will live in infamy? What do you genuinely believe? Describe your thoughts in the comments section below.

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