This dog started coming to see her while she was in the clinic and then…

After being brought to the hospital, this woman was cared for by a young nurse. She developed a bond with the elderly woman and started to worry about her welfare.

The girl claimed that Julia, her boyfriend’s dog, could make the sick feel better.

She thanked the young woman who had offered to go with her to see her. Brown supported her. The patient and dog appeared to get along well on their initial encounter.

The young woman observed a shift in her ward’s behavior. She laughed out loud for the first time in a long time at this point.

For the woman, dog therapy was a no-brainer. It is challenging to win Julia over because of her high level of energy and demand for social interaction.

The dog’s visits to Mrs. Brown have extra significance because Devon, the dog’s owner, is frequently away throughout the day.

The dog is the object of Mrs. Brown’s utter love. She showers her with an abundance of presents and trinkets.

She was able to regain her vitality and zest for life because of the puppy. Brown aged by a couple years.

Please let’s hope Mrs. Brown. and the dog will be okay!

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