Amazing miracle: twins who were born 87 days apart were inducted into the Guinness Book of Records…

The couple, Maria and Chris, together with their two kids, were all enjoying their lives.

But when they found out they were having twins, their happiness doubled.

Their joy and love seemed to have no limits.

The expecting twins’ two siblings, who were also looking forward to their birth, impatiently awaited them.

The moment the parents heard about their twin sisters, a notion came to them.

They immediately settled on the names, Amy and Katy.

The delivery was set for September, but the infants abruptly changed their plans by failing to arrive on time.

In the middle of May, Amy, the first child, was born.

Despite being born so many days earlier than expected, the infant was perfectly healthy and developed normally.

She only had 500 g of weight at the moment.

However, Katy, the second twin, decided to reach our world after 87 days had passed, and she had already gained 2.5 kg.

She had gained a regular amount of weight during that time, but she still weighed less than Katy.

On social media, these charming sisters immediately drew the attention of everyone.

They also set a record in the Guinness Book of Records due to the huge discrepancy in birth dates.

The family also adopted an intriguing tradition. Their twins celebrate two birthdays each year.

Every twin has a special day that is commemorated separately.

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