At age 50, the grandma of eight grandkids became a mom again, giving birth to four more kids… Here is how they look…

Tracy always envisioned having a large family. Since she now has three adult children and maybe eight grandkids, it cannot be stated that until recently her dreams did not reflect reality.

But as they say, perfection knows no bounds. And Tracy and Stephen, her spouse at the time, decided to have another kid. Sadly, the woman’s efforts to conceive naturally failed, but she wasn’t about to give up.

It should be emphasized that Tracy’s first marriage, which ended in divorce in 2003, is where all of her older children were born. Two years later, she began a family with her present spouse Stephen, and in 2006, the woman gave birth. However, she chose to end the pregnancy since she felt it was inappropriate to have a kid at that time. Tracy was no longer able to become pregnant on her own, which had unintended repercussions.

Tracy underwent an in vitro fertilization (IVF) operation earlier this year, which the pair paid roughly $9,000 for. This treatment caused all three embryos to implant in the expectant mother, and one of them even split apart to create twins.

The couple was not concerned when they learned that they could be adding up to four little males to the family; on the contrary, they were overjoyed. As is frequently the case, the majority of the couple’s friends and family thought it was insane and ill-advised for the spouses to become parents once more. Tracy, however, didn’t give a damn what people thought of her.

I am a grandmother already, so what? I am neither the first nor the last. Despite being fifty, I don’t feel or look my age. Let others speak their minds; they are not familiar with my story. They will have a change of heart once they see our adorable infants, the pregnant mother said.

And so it was that Tracy gave birth to three girls and a boy in the 31st week of her pregnancy. Complications continued throughout the pregnancy, and 35 doctors were on hand for the delivery.

The infants are currently being watched over by doctors and are gaining weight as a result of their premature birth. Early in the next year, the family will be able to bring them home. Here is one such tale.

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