Women, even the queen, are not allowed to go to this island… Here is why…

The travelers made the deliberate choice to visit Okinoshima, a well-known Japanese island about which long-running newspaper rumors have been circulating.

The women turned on the camera and recorded the explanations of local personnel that only men had the authority to access the island.

However, they were still not allowed to leave the boat despite their desire to check the protected coast. Numerous Shinto ceremonies have had their major centers at Okinoshima for a very long time.

Due to the discovery of more than 80,000 of the rarest artifacts ever made in the world on these coasts, archaeologists are very interested in this region. Merchants from China and Korea visited the island during the fifth and ninth centuries, but after that, its coastlines were nearly entirely sealed off.

Even now, the island has a such significant religious significance that the authorities do not even consider easing the travel prohibition; if necessary, the Queen of England will not be permitted to visit Okinoshima.

Here is the video:

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