This couple lost 200 kilograms off their weight and here is how they look now…

We all need inspiration and love in our lives.

They serve as the catalyst for both physical and psychological changes in our lives.

Let’s be honest, though: it’s not always simple to muster the courage to attempt and change anything.

Love and support, therefore, arrive here to inspire us with their mystical power.

Thanks to unwavering love and support, this adorable couple with tremendous resolve drastically altered their life.

Two years ago, Lexi, age 26, weighed 220 kg, and Danny, her partner, weighed 127 kg.

They gained weight throughout the years to the point that Danny could no longer even embrace his lover in his arms.

Lexi decided to reduce weight after gaining all of her strength, and soon after, she was able to do it relatively quickly.

Her ability to lose 135 kg is impressive!

The couple stated that they did not use a personal trainer or follow a particular food plan.

Due to their steadfast encouragement and support of one another, they were only able to achieve what they did.

They wanted to get married, have a big wedding celebration, have kids, and live a long, happy life together.

The motivated couple was able to use all of their abilities to establish their objectives and demonstrate their capacity for change.

Now, Lexi is 80 years old and Danny is 87 kg!

They now serve as a true source of encouragement for numerous overweight individuals.

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