95% of this woman’s body is tattooed… Here is what she looks like without them!

One of the British women with the most tattoos is Becky Holt. She believes that the number of tattoos she has on her body makes her a leader.

Nearly 95 percent of her body is covered in various drawings. Her body is now only 5 percent free of drawings.

The woman made the decision to haze her body to see how she seemed. She even uploaded the photo so that the public could see her.

It is apparent that she spent a significant amount of money—nearly 35,000 pounds—getting these tattoos. She has no idea how many tattoos she has on her body.

A movie scene is draped over one of her legs. She really enjoys that movie. She first had minor tattoos, which she even disguised from view by wearing clothing.

But as her need for further tattoos grew, she increased the size of her existing ones. Even though it is not acknowledged officially, she believes she has the most tattoos of any woman in the United Kingdom.

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