This woman decided to consume 4 liters of water daily. A week later, here is what happened to her…

2 liters of water every day are thought to be highly good for your health. The woman made the decision to go one step further and up the volume to 4 liters of water each day. She then discussed the outcomes of her experiment.

That much water probably wasn’t necessary for Stephanie Hope’s body. She only wanted to know how the strange liquid sensation would affect her. The woman went out and bought a giant 1.5-liter bottle and started working.

Additionally, prior to beginning the experiment, Stephanie spoke with a dietitian who, in general, explained to her the benefits of consistently drinking water.

It was discovered that the body consumes liquid every second and that water even leaves the body when breathing. Rapid weariness and poor performance are caused by dehydration. On the first day, I neglected to hydrate.

On the second, I grew accustomed to it; on the third, I experienced an energy boost. I didn’t recognize myself on the morning of the Fourth of July, recalls Stéphanie. The woman claimed that at the end of the week, she had significantly more energy than usual.

The effects of sleep and fatigue were gone, and waking up was simpler. Stephanie stopped the experiment, nevertheless. She then went back to the body’s adequate 2 liters of water per day recommendation.

Here is the video:

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