The child, who was only 2 years old at the time, was regarded as the world’s smartest child…

People were startled by Wrigley’s astounding brilliance. For someone his age, his IQ was unfathomably high—over 160.

As smart as Albert Einstein, he is! At such a young age, he was accepted into the Oxford Mensa Group, the most elite club for thinkers. Oscar would undoubtedly choose reading over going for a walk with his friends if he had to make that decision.

His parents noted that he has a beautiful vocabulary that dates back to virtually the time he was in diapers. When the little prodigy was nine months old, he began to babble complete sentences.

And by the time he was barely two years old, he was participating in adult discussions about the most important issues facing the globe.

They even ask their parents to appoint godchildren who they believe best represent their children since they view their kids as heroes—a phrase Oscar once uttered when his parents didn’t really anger him.

“Mom, it seems like there is a party in my head when I eat sausage.”

That’s not all, though. Computer scientist Joe Wrigley reports that Oscar recently tried to chat with his wife about the penguin reproductive cycle.

The child always asks an excessive amount of questions and has a genuine curiosity that belies his age. There is no disputing that Oscar is a truly unique human being, despite the fact that it is only average for parents to think their child is remarkable.

But remarkably, this isn’t the course. The child is still developing, and his superior intelligence never ceases to astound his loved ones. The human race can anticipate being startled frequently.

Oscar Wrigley isn’t the first young person to join Mensa, of course.

Additionally, the organization has received a number of intelligent new kids.

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