This baby looks like a doll and she just turned 17… Here is how she looks now!

Here are some updated images of the winner of all beauty pageants who resemble Barbie.

Meet Eden, a charming and breathtakingly attractive 17-year-old American model who first rose to prominence and received a general notice when she won a beauty contest at the age of four.

Even though it may seem impossible, the adorable youngster has already won 300 beauty pageants and millions of cash by the age of 6.

On the other side, the mother of the adorably adorable girl has frequently come under fire for not letting her little daughter enjoy the carefree years of her youth.

Because of this, the 17-year-old girl operates her own business selling various things for kids and has a sizable number of followers on social media.

Poor girlie, her mom coldly deprived her of youth, the girl has grown up too soon, she seems much older, and she is beautiful but covered with makeup.

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