Richard Gere is described as looking like a “wrinkled grandpa with a grandchild” there with his wife… Here is what she looks like…

The 73-year-old Hollywood actor Richard once demonstrated that there is no obstacle that can stand in the way of genuine love.

A superstar from the 1990s finally found his true love when he was 65 years old.

He went to any and all lengths in order to capture the interest of the lovely and young Alexandra Silva.

The outcome came as a surprise to everyone. They both ended all of their previous relationships and eventually got married.

They have about 34 years between them in age difference. But when it comes to real love, it’s all simply a matter of the numbers.

Please let me know what your thoughts are.

Could they pass for a grandfather and a granddaughter? Or is it just average criticism from someone who dislikes you?

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