This actor is officially the most attractive man in the world in accordance with the golden ratio theory…

Are you prepared to see Rege-Jean, the human with the most attractive face?

Meet Rege-Jean Page, who has earned the distinction of being called “the world’s most gorgeous guy” based on the most recent scientific findings.

The well-known actor who plays the handsome man is well recognized for playing the Duke of Hastings in the Netflix drama. Science researches claim that the very gifted movie actress has the world’s most attractive face.

Among other British actors, he was crowned the deserving champion.

According to Julian de Silva, a plastic surgeon, and the golden ratio hypothesis, Rege-Jean was successful in winning the title.

Additionally, the idea aids in determining whether or not a particular person has undergone plastic surgery.

The man’s face correlates for 93% of the total calculations, according to the final results. As a result, people now have the chance to judge how closely a person’s face resembles the ideal.

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