A 10-year-old boy carefully looks after his great-grandparents, who don’t have anyone else…

After being raised by his great-grandparents his entire life, an affectionate 8-year-old kid took on the role of caregiver. The helpful young boy makes their lives easier by assisting them with home tasks.

Grandparents taking over as the main caregivers is a common occurrence, but grandkids taking over as their grandparents’ caregivers is a unique situation. In Australia, a young preteen who had been raised by his great-grandparents since he was a child freely agreed to take on their care.

Julie and John believed they were done having kids at the ages of 72 and 63, respectively. But in 2012, they were given custody of their great-grandson Liam, who was only a few months old at the time.

Nothing was off limits for the couple when it came to their adorable boy, who was the light of their lives. Julie said, “He was a gorgeous little baby, and I was so delighted to have him,” referring to her adorable grandson.

But as time went on, Julie and John understood that they would have to depend on Liam just as much as he had depended on them. Although they can still manage on their own, Liam, now 10 years old, has been assisting them since he was 8.

Liam enjoyed assisting his “dad” and “granny” around the house as a child. When his grandmother can’t reach something at home, he assists her by watering plants, running errands, checking mail, caring for their dogs, brewing tea, and many other tasks.

Liam frequently already understands what to do and doesn’t require instruction, says Julie with pride. He is a highly intelligent and capable little boy, the woman said.

Liam never causes his great-grandparents to worry about anything. In fact, he sets everything in order and makes himself ready for school without requesting assistance.

Along with the regular domestic duties, Liam enjoys preparing meals for the family. She enjoys making pasta, pancakes, and grilled sandwiches among other foods. Julie proudly confessed that her sweetheart’s morning toast-making ritual.

In addition to achieving well academically, Liam has received a scholarship from a prominent Toowoomba school. Julie and John, who both rely on pensions, find the scholarship to be of great assistance.

The elderly couple acknowledges that because they cannot afford the luxury they wish they had, raising a child at their stage of life is challenging.

Liam has continued to be loving, gentle, and kind to everyone he encounters despite the humble life they lead, something Julie and John are pleased with. After losing their three kidsĀ as adults, they find solace in the fact that their great-grandson is still with them.

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