Each potato bag from Balenciaga costs close to $2,000, making them unaffordable…

The piece went on display as the Spanish designer launched its Spring/Summer 2023 collection on an unconventional covered runway during Paris Fashion Week.

We previously talked about a troublesome Balenciaga release: a trash bag-shaped handbag with a $1,500 suggested retail price. While some considered it to be art, others believed it to be a caricature of consumerism.

Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia, the creative director, was also watching everything. Also, he recently launched a brand-new product on the market. It’s a strange wallet this time that resembles a bag of Lay’s potato chips.

Four models carried the expensive bags as they strutted down the runway, displaying their masterpieces in a range of colors and “flavors” (Classic, Sea Salted Potato, Lemon).

They resemble Lay’s potato chip bags, but rather than being made of polypropylene, they are constructed of a lighter, softer, foldable material that may be used to “open” the bag.

The price is distinct from the cost of the chips because the bag costs roughly $2,000 instead.

Gvasalia informed the audience that he will not be discussing his most recent collection. The best tools shouldn’t require a narrative to be pushed.

The business has been effective in getting people to talk about its goods once more.

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