For his beloved daughter’s first birthday, a devoted father created a personalized “Star Wars” rolling horse all by himself!

Most of the time, parents will do everything it takes to make sure that their little angels are happy and smiling because they value their family and children.

This father is one of them; with the aid of his know-how and delicate hands, he made his gorgeous daughter happy.

Meet Tez Gelmir, a master artisan who created a remarkably detailed rocking horse for his beloved princess.

The loving father replied that he had already finished a number of wonderful tasks for his son.

And he thought the coming anniversary of his daughter’s first birthday was the perfect moment to make something special for her.

A wonderful idea was soon ready to be implemented, creating a Speeder Cycle!

He used the 73-Z Speeder Bike from the 1983 movie “Star Wars”.

The creative and talented father carefully laid out the entire concept and the operational procedure for the customers.

Dads were incredibly moved by this unique creation and pressed him for more improvised tools.

Many more people wrote to Gelmir asking for advice on how to construct other, more modest crafts for their kids.

Many people admire and praise this kind father who goes above and beyond to take care of his beautiful children.

It’s fantastic and very appreciated.

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