Kim Kardashian posted a picture with no filters and no makeup… Here is how she looked!

Kim Kardashian, 42, is one of those famous people who have devoted social media followers.

Of course, the actress is frequently criticized by her followers for overdoing the photo editing. either because the proportions are off or because the skin is unusually smooth.

But now it seems the famous person has chosen to back naturalness.

Kardashian published a “honest” photo sans cosmetics or filters on her blog. The photograph was taken while I was at the dentist. Kim chose a comfortable black sweater for this visit, and she styled her hair in a close braid.

Fans could clearly detect any skin blemishes on the celebrity because the photo was so clear. Naturally, they liked it.

For admirers who are accustomed to heavily retouched images, such a “honest” shot is a welcome change. They started by praising Kardashian for her bravery and remarking that she is unquestionably photoshop-free.

“This picture appears really natural and good. I appreciate the emphasis Kim places on natural beauty. “Yes, that is exactly how normal skin should appear; it is not wax,” she said.

“When there isn’t a hard discrepancy like Kim’s, it’s much easier to perceive yourself in reality,” the author says. “I was almost certain that I would never see a picture like this again. Bold!” — remarks left on the image by online users.

Many of them requested that Kardashian release similar photos as frequently as possible.

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