This woman lost 240 pounds and here is what she looks like now…

American Christina Phillips has significant insecurities about her beauty and her dysfunctional family environment since she was a little child. Christina’s weight reached 130 kg by the time she was 12 years old because to parental scandals and scolding.

The girl claims that her weight has actively increased as a result of the stress-induced uncontrollable hunger Phillips experienced and quenched with high-calorie fast food and beverages. Her awful appearance, of course, made her a laughing stock among her classmates, who started calling her names and otherwise making fun of her.

She also didn’t receive any support or understanding from her family, who constantly reprimanded her and put all the younger children on her shoulders. The girl’s only source of happiness was a pantry stocked with food. Christina was practically bound to her bed due to her unhealthy diet and inactive lifestyle.

The girl reached a weight of 300 pounds at age 21. Unexpectedly, Phillips married, but the girl’s family did not provide the long-needed love and understanding. Christina’s spouse was the same as her parents; in fact, he made the unhappy girl fatter.

It appears that his definition of marriage was to make his wife gain kilogram after kilogram every day. However, Phillips quickly recognized how detrimental a life like that would be and he started watching the hit program “I weigh 300 pounds.

The project’s founders agreed to assist the youngster and created a customized diet for her. The outcome was swiftly realized when she shed 80 kg and gradually began working out.

Of course, she frequently felt the want to give up and return to her beloved burgers and cakes during the lengthy and exhausting process of losing weight. But patience and common sense paid a price.

Christina was able to reduce 238 pounds through a proper, balanced diet and five years of rigorous exercise. Without undergoing gastric surgery and skin excision, there was no escape, nevertheless.

After achieving an amazing outcome and slimming down, Phillips once more braced herself for the blow: her husband could not tolerate his partner’s weight loss and filed for divorce.

While her husband frequently set up her jealousy scene when she was dieting, Christina was still aware of how toxic and damaging their relationship was.

He could have offered Kristina fast food and junk food hundreds of times a day (but you have to give it to the girl – she resisted, and her refusal enraged her husband), and even ate on purpose in front of her various delectable treats. He effectively forced her to eat.

Christina made the decision to look for love again after her divorce. The girl’s hopes were realized when she met Shane, a regular person who knows about Christina’s transformation and is incredibly happy to be her lover.

Moreover, Phillips’ most cherished dream of becoming a mother was realized in this. By the way, the girl maintained a healthy diet throughout her pregnancy, and after giving birth, she promptly shed the extra weight.

Christina relishes her motherly struggles, family joy, and upcoming additional weight loss of roughly twenty pounds.

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