The beautiful young wife of Richard Gere had posted some romantic pictures during the family trip…

Alejandra Silva is a woman who is 40 years old and got married in 2018 to one of the most romantic actors in Hollywood.

It looks like Richard Gere can’t get enough of her smiles.

In her various social media platforms, Alejandra frequently provides her followers with informational tidbits and photographs documenting her everyday activities.

A Spanish publicist who is possibly too young to be Richard’s wife published a comment regarding the actor’s poor health after he shared some new pictures from a family holiday on social media.

Thankfully, everything seems to be well for the time being.

“Such a nice look!”, “What a nice family!”, “Please, told me someone if she would marry an ordinary old man? “, etc…

The comments that were left below the new photographs included things like “Hope Gere will be ok for a long time,” “Love this pair,” and “Um, this family cozy pics…”

Other comments included things like “Maybe it could only happen with famous movie stars?”

What would you add?

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