When the boy made pals with a classmate, his life was completely transformed…

Twitter user from South Africa, Lucky Du Plessis, shared on the Web a story about how he found a new family. The story began when the guy was five years old.

Then little Lucky went to the first grade of school, but had difficulty finding friends. Apparently, he did not know that you can always turn to the bottles on the beach. In the end, a six-year-old boy named Charl began to communicate with him, with whom they became friends.

Lucky began to spend a lot of time visiting a new friend, because a guardian was waiting for him at home, suffering from alcohol and drug addictions, which change appearance better than any plastic surgery. Where his parents had gone, Plessis did not elaborate.

Little by little, Charl’s mother, Mickey, began to like the boy.

One day Mickey asked me when my birthday was and I told her, “I don’t know, they don’t tell me at school.” She decided to find out from the school administration, but she was told: “We don’t know when Lucky was born.”

The answer surprised the woman, so, after consulting with representatives of the school, she took the boy to a specialized clinic. There, according to the student’s fingerprints, experts were able to determine that he was born in 1987, somewhere between July and September.

Then Mickey chose the month – August, since it was in the middle, and the 15th. Since then, I celebrate my birthday on August 15th. I think everyone thinks their birthdays are special, but mine seems exceptionally unique to me.

Since then, Lucky has been almost inseparable from Charl’s family. When the boy was in the second grade, the guardian left him in the house for a week without food and water, then the student moved to his friend for good. A few months later, Mickey and her husband adopted the baby.

Together with a new family, Lucky also acquired a new life. The boy always wanted to play rugby, but he did not succeed. Now, his new brother Charl began to train with him.

The classes were not in vain, and soon the narrator became a successful rugby player and received a sports scholarship to college. According to him, Lucky owes all his success to two people: his friend, and later his brother, who was not afraid to communicate with him, and his mother.

Adoption is great. This is how you give someone another chance in life. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have done the same.

Thanks to Mickey, who didn’t care at all about being kicked out of the church because of her adopted African son.

Lucky’s acquaintance with Charl really took an unexpected turn

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