Angelina Jolie is interested in meeting Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend because she believes their relationship will last forever…

The fact that Brad Pitt is romantically involved with the young and stunning Ines de Ramon is no longer a secret.

Ines, 29, and Brad, 59, were spotted spending time together in a cozy restaurant on the Champs-Élysées the other day. Brad’s age is listed as 59 in the phone book.

They say that the actor best known for his role in Fight Club has already moved on from his lengthy divorce from Angelina Jolie to the point where he is prepared to make a proposal to a new woman.

In addition to that, she is in the process of divorcing her husband at this time.

The ex-wife of Pitt is the one person who does not approve of this entire love story. She is confident that she is within her rights to meddle in the life of the man who is responsible for raising her six children.

“Since Brad is still the father of their children, Ange believes that she is within her rights to meddle in the affairs of her ex-husband.

She is aware that he and Ines are moving toward a more committed relationship; in fact, Brad has brought up the topic of getting married; however, she has the impression that sooner or later everything will go awry, according to some sources.

Angelina Jolie is even interested in meeting Brad Pitt’s new fiancée so that she can reveal all of the details about her lover to her. She is under the impression that she is performing a charitable act, and that she will be able to guide the younger woman away from making mistakes.

Ange would like to have a one-on-one conversation with Ines because she has decided that she would rather take charge of the situation than observe it from the sidelines.

She will explain how she feels about her partnership with Brad because she believes that it is important for Ines to be able to make her own choices.

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