Her mom didn’t let her daughter brush her hair, and this is how she currently looks…

Blogger, DJ, and mom of three Christine Miller, 34, resides in Maui, Hawaii, in the United States. A woman’s style was drastically altered two and a half years ago, and as a result, she felt more confident.

Christine has thin hair and has always fantasized about quitting styling products and not caring about volume. She decided to braid her dreadlocks as a result.

My hair was thin, ill-fitting, and unkempt, and I had always thought dreadlocks were lovely. Overall, I thought having dreadlocks was an excellent idea.

Loretta, the woman’s little daughter, was thrilled and started to envy her mother when she switched from her regular hairstyle to dreadlocks. The young child detested being combed.

Her hair was continuously twisted in tangles since she learnt to surf and hike in the mountains at a young age, and combing them was difficult and stressful.

Loretta pleaded with her mother to let her walk with dreadlocks when she was two years old.

Loretta’s interest in dreadlocks didn’t come as a surprise to me. When I suggested combing her hair, she cried nonstop. She pushed the comb away, started to cry, and pleaded with her brother to hold her hand.

As a result, the mother made the decision to discard the comb like her daughter had suggested.

She made it quite apparent when she was two years old that she wanted to lose her hair and accept her dreadlocks, which she had already started to form.

The girl is now three years old and like her hairstyle a lot. She vanishes throughout the day in the mountains and on the beach, always prepared to flee. For her, having dreadlocks is convenient.

The mother uses a unique shampoo for dreadlocks to wash the baby’s hair once or twice every week. Kristin set up a Fictional dreadyloretty Instagram account to demonstrate that kids with dreadlocks are common.

To demonstrate that this is simply a small portion of her life and the way she lives, I wanted to normalize kids with dreadlocks.

Even a special book about her daughter, “Loretta with dreadlocks: No Time to Comb Her Hair,” was written by the mother. The young protagonist of this tale just does not have time to comb her hair because she loves adventure so much.

Currently, about 12,000 people follow the exploits of an unique girl, and their numbers are steadily rising. Christine, however, is not always content with this. After all, there are an increasing number of negative comments under pictures of youngsters.

Others accuse me of cultural appropriation, neglect, and even abuse of my own child.

Due to the widespread belief that dreadlocks are exclusively a black person’s hairdo, Kristin and her daughter respond in a discriminatory manner.

The woman is confident that she is correct, though. After all, Loretta does not want to refuse her because it is a part of her sense of style and self-expression.

I can’t change everyone’s mind, but it’s not at all about them. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

It all has to do with what Loretta wants. She is free to wear whatever she wants to. Children should develop and express their uniqueness as they see fit.

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