The couple decides to try for another kid and ends up with identical triplets…

They were shocked to learn that their family would include three sets of identical triplets.

Heather Muscha Metcalfe and her spouse Tyler have two little sons. Their wish to have a girl came fulfilled when Heather fell pregnant once more.

But their family will only consist of three members; there won’t be a young girl.

“We wanted a daughter so much, and now we have three! says Heather. Only one pregnancy out of every 8000 ends in triplets. Even fewer triplets are identical. Maybe less than one in 100,000.

Heather is therefore required to visit a doctor once every week to ensure that the children are being closely monitored.

Thankfully, Heather said she was doing okay and that having triplets made her happy.

I mean, I’m pretty excited since we are getting more. She said there would be a daughter and two more.

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