The woman was unaware of her sister’s specialness. She had to, however, mature quickly after the truth was revealed…

The American did not realize her older sister was anything out of the norm for the most of her life, but after learning the truth, she took on her responsibilities.

Due to the fact that their bond only grew after the children’s discovery, this did not create a barrier in the girls’ friendship.

A US citizen told the Humans Of New York project hosts a tale about her special older sister, whose position she was forced to briefly play herself. The woman recalled her childhood and claimed that she had never observed anything odd about her relative; the girls were always together and there were never any issues.

The younger sister was unable to recognize that the older sister was having health issues. But after the truth emerged, we traded places.

Only Tracy’s parents were less likely to discipline her for her transgressions, which was the only difference. If the younger neighbor kid had not one day called the elder girl “brake,” perhaps everything would have continued in this manner.

Nat hurried home and questioned her father about it because she didn’t understand what he meant.

The mother claims that after the daughter’s sister’s Down syndrome was revealed to her by her father, both the youngster and her sister’s life saw a dramatic transformation.

The narrator had to assume the role of the older sister. As she grew older, the woman realized that, despite her own feelings to the contrary, her sister and she were treated differently by others.

While her sister was never invited to sleepovers, Nat was. Similar circumstances occurred during the prom: despite the eldest not receiving an invitation, Nat and her parents nevertheless purchased a dress for her and accompanied her to the event.

When Tracy was released from school at the age of 21, real problems started. The girl was simply at a loss for what to do next because there were no programs available for those with Down syndrome. She might have had the same future as another unique American in different circumstances.

Tracy, according to her younger sister, frequently bemoaned the fact that she didn’t resemble Nat. She shed tears before leaving for college, and despite being a bridesmaid, she had a very unpleasant experience at a relative’s wedding.

The older sister was not envious of her, according to the narrator. Tracy’s concern sprang from her straightforward desire to lead a normal life.

The birth of Nat’s children was a wonderful occasion for the entire family, but Tracy was especially delighted because she now had new companions to play with.

She had once been my best friend, therefore I was happy to see that she had also become their best friend. I imply that we raised children together every time. She was the most devoted mother to my kids.

Nat also mentions how much Tracey taught both her and the kids. Respect for those who are different from the majority, for instance.

The woman recalls the day of their father’s funeral in 2018 as she draws to a close her narrative.

The loss of the family patriarch, according to Nat, affected everyone deeply, but her older sister in particular. After the wedding, a woman came up to Tracy and offered her support.

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